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Tales from the Salt Shaker

Last weekend, my whole family was shopping at my favorite store, Meijer. (For those of you who are not familiar with it, think Super Walmart, with more groceries and a healthy dose of Midwestern culture.) We were dashing about filling our cart with storage bins and brightly colored kids’ clothes hangers, some bug spray, etc., [...]

Incredible Series on Renewing a Mind Trashed by Porn

In a few short years my daughters will be grown, and I ask myself, who will they marry? A man whose entire concept of women and intimacy has been shaped by self-centered perversion? Porn is everywhere. I’ve heard it described at the common cold of our generation. But it’s more like the Plague. And it [...]

How Porn Makes Women Feel

A lot of men don’t seem to understand why women get so upset about pornography. They know it’s a sin, but they sort of see it like any other sin and can’t comprehend why their wives should feel so devastated. So, for the sakes of our future daughters-in-law, here’s something we can all teach our [...]