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What I've Been Wanting to Say

It’s official. I have the worst writer’s block ever. Every day I think about my blog sitting silent for over a month, and I miss all my regular commenters (and the every-once-in-a-while commenters), and I feel lonely, and I just wish I could write. I try. I’ve started a few times, batted posts around in [...]

Thankful for Weakness?

It’s Thanksgiving here in the States, and in between stuffing your turkey and spreading the french fried onions on your green bean casserole, here’s a refreshing little thought from the folks at BJU press. Be thankful for your weaknesses, your failures, and your shortcomings. Sound strange? If you get a chance, you can read the [...]

Humbled and Hungry

I took all five children to prayer meeting by myself. At 9:30 P.M., on the way home, while I talked on my cell phone to my husband still working at his office, the baby started crying and then screaming about a diaper newly wet, and the two-year-old began to sob because she was afraid of [...]