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There's That Trust Thing Again (Part 2 of our Moving Saga)

Sometimes life is like falling off the side of a mountain into an abyss. You fall and fall . . . and fall. Trials stretch into years. Hurts never quite stop aching, even under their calluses. But other times life is like a roller coaster. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, we’re gonna die! Oh, we’re OK. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Another hill!!!! [...]

In Which Dreams Come True and There Are Lots of Plastic Bins

I had wanted it for so long, I had nearly given up. It had become one of those things I had to keep laying aside in the name of growth, patience, and reality checks (hey, there are people starving in Africa, be thankful for what you’ve got!). And I was thankful. I just kept bumping [...]

Telling Stories

I kept waffling. I would hear a song, or read something inspiring in a book, maybe have a conversation, and I would decide, resolve right then that I would start writing again. But my computer time is at bedtime, and night would come, bleary-eyed and worn, and the thoughts that seemed so sharp in the [...]