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The View from my Couch

I’ve made it well into week ten of this pregnancy. My baby’s been busily growing organs, and since that’s enough work for both of us, I’ve been spending lots of time on the couch. It’s given me a chance to read a ton of the great articles my Facebook friends link to and also time to dust off Pinterest and pin with nauseous furry. Here are a few gems I’ve picked up along the way.

Encouragement for Moms
First off, a couple of lovelies from Rachel Jankovic, author of Loving the Little Years, which is a quick, easy, FUN, and thought-provoking read. Rachel blogs at Femina.
Enough to Go Around (This one is especially good.)
Growth Spurts

Grocery Shopping
This is a VERY intriguing grocery shopping post from Danielle of Blissful and Domestic detailing how her family cut their grocery bills in half. This is on my plan to try after I feel better.
31 Days to Yumminess

Another great budget-friendly meal plan site, this one from Callie at Greater Things showing how she feeds a family of six for $329, and she inlcudes recipes!
Monthly Meal Planning

Sewing Ideas
And here are the things I’m dying to try making as soon as I feel better:

From Heather at The Coterie Blog, quite possibly the cheapest and easiest (and cutest) nursing cover I’ve ever seen.
DIY Modern Nursing Shawl (Sew One Line!)

From Made by Marzipan, it’s a foldable cloth seat you can throw in your diaper bag and strap to a chair at a friend’s house for an instant baby chair.
Anywhere Chair

And from Leanne at Elle Apparel comes a maternity friendly, easy-as-can-be maxi skirt tutorial (but you definitely do not need to be pregnant to wear this!).
The Maxi

I’ll refrain from providing links to all the myriad chocolate dessert recipes I’ve been pinning. :) Have fun!

4 comments to The View from my Couch

  • Yeah.. great post! Going to make the maxi skirt! I have a sewing post going up soon also! Hope the view from your couch improves. :) hugs

  • Kathi

    Hi Dearie! I think good chocolate dessert recipes are definitely in order, so I hope you make a few! I don’t know how to include the picture in a comment, but on my facebook today I re-posted a picture of a 12-week-old baby fetus that I thought was just wonderful. Totally complete, and I thought it might encourage you to imagine how hard your little one is working to get big enough to come out to play!

  • Sarah

    I just wish I could help you. Sorry you are so far away.

  • Sarah,

    You’re so sweet! I’m actually feeling a whole lot better, but I sure do appreciate your love from across the miles.

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